A Loving Tribute

I love the way you come running to the door when I come home (or when I leave), with those tiny repeated half-meows you make with that uncommonly quiet voice.

I love how I hear your steps on the carpet, your paws making quite noise, into the bedroom and jump on the bed to play "king of the hill", always trying to sleep on top.

I love how you greet me coming into the room, look at me, and flop on your back on the floor, front paws folded over your chest, rear paws up with toes curled, your body curved to one side or the other slightly, your furry belly calling to be petted.

I love how cute you are when you play wrestle kitty, hugging my hand and arm to your chest while you bicycle-kick with your hind legs, your eyes looking off somewhere contentedly instead of at my hand to chew on it.

I love how you climb all over me, the keyboard, the monitor, and the rest of the computer desk whenever I'm at the computer, stepping on the keys and exploring over and over, sometimes sitting in my lap with your head and chest on the keyboard tray.

I love watching you curl up on Jeremy's side, stretch your arms until your paws are settled in his underarm, and start making bread and purring loud enough to be heard across the room.

I love how, when you're playing with a favorite toy, you'll wiggle your little butt, then run to pounce on it, only to overshoot by a foot or so, turning back again to grab it as though you were saying, "I meant to do that."

I loved the time when you were sitting on my lap while I was playing Diablo, and all the movement and sound effects held your rapt attention for a good long while, after which you fell asleep with your head on the keyboard tray for your pillow.

I love your beautiful blue eyes looking up at me with all the love and "cuteness" you can muster.

I love how you have always guarded me in the shower, just in case that awful water got me, ever since you found me in the tub up to my neck in water.

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